It all started with the news of April and her husband expecting a new baby girl. Starting their search for the finest things Midland had to offer, the family quickly discovered there was nowhere to find stunning chandeliers, custom gliders, and fashionable clothing. This began the dream of "La Bebe Boutique". Susan, April, and Courtney, along with the little girl who began it all, are here to serve you and make sure one of the most significant times in your life is also one of the most memorable.

Offering custom beds, bedding, gliders, chandeliers and artwork, the girls at La Bebe will put a little pizazz into your nursery decor. Signature apparel is also the ladies' passion, providing the classic smocking outfit to the fru fru tutu's and even some camo for the boys! You're also going to need the essentials like car seats, strollers, and Pack N Plays - Don't worry the girls thought of that too! The latest patterns from Chicco and Maclaren are available! Also, you don't want to forget to register your shower with "La Bebe Boutique" before your bundle of joy arrives and celebrations begin!

La Bebe Boutique is the vision of owner Susan Golson and her daughters April Underwood and Courtney Golson.

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2200 W. Wadley #14 Midland, Texas 79705

 Tel: 432.687.2800

Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am to 5:30pm


How to purchase from a registry:

Thank you! We feel honored to be selected as a place for you to register for your new bundle of joy! The best time to register is the day your hostess mails your invitations. This usually is around 2 - 3 weeks prior to your actual shower date. This may sound like it is too close to your shower date, but if you register too far in advance, we can not guarantee the items you have selected will still be available when we display your list. The store receives anywhere from 5-20 new boxes of inventory per day. We want to be sure that you have the newest, latest, and greatest items to make your selection. Although we will be happy to assist you at any time to register, some days are busier than others and making an appointment is always the best option. If you will simply call (432.687.2800) or email (labebeboutique@gmail.com) we can set up a time that is convenient and possibly "slower" in the store to provide you with the most attention.

Our registries are set out for display 1- 2 weeks prior to the actual shower date. However, from the initial date a mother-to-be registers, we will have a list of items she has selected. If you have the opportunity to come in the store, we will assist you with the list and pull items the mother has selected. If you are within the 1 - 2 weeks of the shower date, we will show you to the display of items selected. Although we hope you will be able to make it in our store, we know many people live out of town, but would like to purchase something from a shower list. If you will simply call us at 432.687.2800 any of our staff will be happy to list out items selected on a registry. We can send you a picture of the registry by email or text if so desired. After you have selected an item, purchased via credit card over the phone, and "filled" out a card, we can either wrap or attach a bow to your gift depending on if the shower is "display" or "wrapped". After your gift is ready, we will deliver it to the shower or a hostess will be by the store to pick up gifts - no worries!!

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2200 W. Wadley #14 Midland, Texas 79705